Researching options for our first wrapping paper line, we came across some products we want to share with you.

Our first, is this beautiful ribbon by Of The Earth

They offer a great variety of ribbon colours and types.

We haven’t tried these before, but these also look lovely:

If you don’t want to order online or in bulk, you can always visit your local craft store. If you’re going this route, it’s safer to stay with the jutes, twines and paper twist ribbons unless it specifically states it’s eco friendly.

Ribbon Image
Tape Image

Secondly, we came across this tape in our local Staples store, and were very pleased to see it. The tape is made of 65% plant based materials and the dispenser is made of 100% recycled plastic materials.

If you want to get away from any plastic dispenser altogether, EcoEnclose sells a biodegradable carton sealing tape that would also double as tape for gift-wrapping:

They also have a blog with some great articles: