Welcome to the Pigment&Paper blog. Here, you’ll find tips, techniques, and stories about our adventures and what we’ve learned along the way.

It has been a year-long process to get here—starting with our 3 introductory, botanical collection wrapping papers, a website, and this blog. It all started from a desire to create these products, but also a recognition of the need in the gift industry for more environmental consideration.

What we’ve noticed:

  • wrapping paper seems to almost always be packaged in plastic.
  • Greeting cards are often protected by plastic ‘cello’ sleeves.
  • We’ve never seen so much glitter, sequins, bobbles and ribbon on paper!
  • Where is the eco friendly?!

This brought up a few questions:

  • How is ribbon sourced and is it recyclable?
  • How do you dispose of cards covered in glitter or other frosting?
  • How much plastic waste is generated from purchasing rolls of wrapping paper, and greeting cards protected by cello sleeves?
  • Where does tape fit in to all of this?

(Some of these questions we will talk about in later blog articles, so stay tuned!)

In developing our environmental strategy, we decided not to stop at recycled paper, but go a few extra steps in ensuring that our products are packaged—plastic free, made with FSC certified recycled paper, created with renewable energy such as wind or solar power, and carbon zero—where carbon offsets are purchased in a quantity equal to the cost of the product’s carbon footprint—all while creating a high standard of quality.

For more information on these organizations, you can visit their websites at:

FSC: https://www.fsc.org/ or in Canada: https://ca.fsc.org/en-ca
BULLFROG POWER: https://www.bullfrogpower.com
CARBON ZERO: https://www.carbonzero.ca
MOHAWK PAPER: https://www.mohawkconnects.com

We also can’t leave out our local printer, the Lowe-Martin Group—for offering these options to us. Hopefully more printers across the globe endeavour to reach these high standards.

For more on Lowe-Martin’s environmental standards, visit: http://lmgroup.com/services/environment